Treatments performed by Padhraig Fleming

About Padhraig Fleming

Prof. Fleming offers a range of orthodontic appliances and options including both fixed appliances on both the outside and inside of the teeth as well as clear removable aligners including Invisalign. He will work with you to select an option that suits you best and prides himself on having the expertise and precision to get predictably excellent and efficient results. Padhraig is very much of the view that treatment does not finish once active braces have been removed and will discuss the means of maintaining optimal long-term outcomes with you at the outset.

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Patient before and afters

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Crowding of both arches treated with fixed braces and removal of two upper teeth

A reversed bite treated with removable and fixed braces without extractions

Crowding of both arches treated with fixed braces and extractions

A large overjet and crowding treated with a combination of functional and fixed appliances

Deep bite and crowding treated with fixed and removable braces

A large overjet with spacing of the dental arches managed with functional and fixed appliances

''Padhraig .. is an absolute master of his profession. They give clear advice that's best for the patient and not the solution that will earn them the most money. Do not hesitate in using the London Smile Clinic, Thank you guys & girls so much!''

"Dr Padhraig Fleming tried to accommodate every request I had throughout my treatment and still give me the results I wanted. Overall, I have been really impressed and happy with my experience. I highly recommend!"
"I had such a smooth and easy experience ... Padhraig and Anna were just fantastic and I would recommend them in a flash to anyone wanting to fix their smile. Their consult, advice and client interest was next to none and I felt like they listened and delivered 100%!!"
"End result fantastic and felt at ease throughout. Very professional, supportive and friendly. Thank you Padhraig."
"Been an absolute pleasure going through this process ... extremely friendly and talented - making something I dreaded a genuinely enjoyable and satisfying experience. Have always felt very well looked after, and you feel assured that you're getting a quality product from day one."
"Couldn't recommend this practice enough! Their advice and support during my orthodontic treatment has been unparalleled. Big shout out to Professor Fleming :)"
"Had an amazing experience ... My teeth are so straight now and the whole team were so accommodating/welcoming throughout the whole experience. 🙂 "